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Our customer-centric services go well beyond arranging your travel itinerary, transport and accommodation. Utilizing our expert local knowledge and on-the-ground relationships, we open doors to people and experiences that let you experience the culture and magic of a destination.  

@Elewana Elephant Pepper Camp, Kenya

You may also want to enrich your African adventure with a local guide. This is ideal for travellers that want to inject an authentic local experience into their travel itinerary.

Our team of experienced driver guides are all passionate about travel, conservation and people, with a great sense of humour, long experience in the bush and an intimate knowledge of Africa’s animals and nature. You will be paired up with a trained guide that best matches your language requirements and has a good understanding of the local terrain, culture and experiences that you may want to enjoy during your trip.

In some cases, Vincent and Lina may accompany you from arrival to departure, ensuring that every detail is attended to while enriching your African experience with their vast knowledge of African travel, wildlife and local cultures.

Vincent and Lina have years of experience and specialist local knowledge gained from their many travels across the African continent and from hosting guests from all over the world. This first-hand experience gives them a deep understanding of Eastern African countries, their vibrant cultures, magnificent landscapes, iconic wildlife and the amazing experiences they have to offer.

The ultimate guided travel experience into Africa!

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Intu Africa creates tailor-made luxury travel experiences throughout Africa.


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