Our Story

Intu Africa was born out of a passion to explore and experience, and to share all that the African continent and the rest of the world has to offer.

ntu Africa, a Kenya-based travel company, was founded by Vincent Boulanger, who, after more than 20 years as a specialist tour operator in Kenya, sought the freedom to create unique and personalized itineraries to fulfill the dreams and passions of his clients. The company was later joined by his partner Lineke (Lina) Sassen.

Operating from their home in Kenya, they have organized and guided a diverse array of clients from around the globe, turning dreams into reality and providing experiences that many can only imagine.

Vincent Boulanger

Vincent Boulanger

Vincent is a Belgian National, born and raised in Central Africa, who spend most of his life working and travelling on the African continent. He speaks French, English and Kiswahili fluently. He is passionate about wildlife, the outdoors and discovering new and exciting ways of accessing some of the most remote and secluded regions of the planet. His professionalism, creativity and attention to detail makes him an extraordinary host and guide.

Lineke (Lina) Sassen

Lina is originally from the Netherlands but was raised in West Africa and has lived most of her life in Africa. She has an insatiable passion for discovering uncharted territories on the African continent and beyond, and has travelled extensively in Africa, Asia and in the Middle East. Lina speaks Dutch, English and French. Her warmth and energy makes her an exceptional host and guide.

Lina Sassen
Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in Kenya feeding baby elephants
Baby elephants
Visiting school children
Community outreach water project

Our Dream

& Vision

Our dream is to create experiences that convey our love and passion for discovery and adventure, and that provide every guest with an unforgettable lifetime experience which will transform their outlook on life and the planet we live on.

Our vision is not just to be passive observers, but to actively engage in the preservation and protection of our planet. Therefore, in every journey we design, we seek to support and contribute towards local wildlife protection initiatives and eco-friendly operations, and meet the champions of conservation.

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Intu Africa creates tailor-made luxury travel experiences throughout Africa


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