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Every journey begins with a conversation…

In order to plan your perfect African holiday, we need to know more about your travel party, your travel interests and your unique requirements.

Details like travel dates, which destination you want to visit, what accommodation types and experiences you are interested in, what modes of transport would you would like to use, budgets, and any special requests are all valuable information for us to work with when creating your custom itinerary.

Explore our website for some travel inspiration and when you have a basic idea of the what, when & where, contact us using our convenient enquiry form.

We will get in touch to discuss your travel requirements, share our expertise and answer any questions you may have. Using our extensive travel experience and partner network, we will work with you to tailor the holiday of a lifetime.

Explore our Website

Explore our website for some travel inspiration and to see some of the popular experiences, accommodation types, and transportation options Africa has to offer.


Where do you want to go?  Intu Africa offers bespoke travel experiences throughout Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya.

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Extraordinary Experiences

What do you want to do or experience? Decide which experiences and activities you want to enjoy in the destinations you want to visit. This can be adventure activities, cultural experiences, local cuisine, wildlife & nature conservation safaris, and so much more

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Unique Accommodation

What type of accommodation do you want? Do you want to sleep under the stars, in a tree house, at a luxury tented camp or boutique hotel with all the bells and whistles?  Africa offers a wide range of unique and luxurious accommodation options.

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How do you want to travel? Not just to the destination, but also while on holiday. Make transportation part of your African adventure. We can book private charters, hot air balloon trips, 4×4 self-drive expeditions, off-road bike rides, horseback riding and more

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Travel Guidance

How involved do you want us to be during your journey? Do you want to go it alone and let us provide digital and telephonic guidance, or do want us to accompany you?

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Get Started

Use our convenient enquiry form to tell us what you’re looking for in your ideal African travel trip.

When contacting us about travel enquiries, please be sure to include as much detail as possible. Include potential dates, duration, number of people travelling, destinations, accommodation preferences, transportation preferences, and what type of activities and experiences you would like to enjoy.

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Sustainable Tourism

Responsible and sustainable tourism practices are at the heart of our tourism operation. We are dedicated to nature conservation and believe in preserving the natural beauty of Africa for future generations, as well as supporting local communities. We are committed to curating respectful and ethical cultural experiences that have a positive impact on local indigenous communities.

Most of our portfolio consists of eco-friendly initiatives, and we encourage our guests to visit local conservation organisations and wildlife rehabilitation centres.

Frequently Asked Questions

If this is your first trip to Africa, you probably have countless questions. To get you started we have assembled a list of frequently asked questions.

You can click the question’s title and the answer will expand below. And if we’ve missed one, just drop us an email at or WhatsApp us at +254 (0)722 393 159.

Do I need visas for East Africa?

Depending on where you’re from, visa requirements differ from country to country.

When you book a trip with Intu Africa, information on how to obtain your visas will be sent to you in plenty of time to obtain your visas before your departure.

When is the best time to visit Africa?

This can differ from country to country and even between regions in countries. It also depends on what type of African experience you want.

If you want to go on a safari to view the Big Five, the drier winter months are preferable because vegetation thins out and wildlife congregates around remaining water sources.

The rainy green season offers lush vegetation, good birdwatching and spectacular waterfall activity.

How far in advance should I book a trip?

3 to 4 months for low season, and 9 to 12 months for high season.

Will I require inoculations and other medication?

Inoculations depend on the destination, type of accommodation, sanitary conditions, length of stay and general health of the traveller.

We always recommend consulting your doctor for specific travel-health advice but, in general, travelers to “safari Africa” require very few (if any) shots.

Some countries in East Africa require visitors to be vaccinated against Yellow Fever but, apart from this, it’s rare that you will require any new vaccinations.

The only other medical consideration that you will need to address is anti-malaria prophylaxis, which typically takes the form of a daily tablet, which can be prescribed by your GP.

Will I have to deal with foreign currency?

Safari is an all-inclusive experience, and the vast majority of your trip costs will be pre-paid before you even arrive in Africa.

Despite being in some of the most remote locations on Earth, all safari camps and hotels that we work with have facilities for accepting payment by credit card. So, any optional extras like spa treatments or purchases from the gift shop can be charged to your credit card.

Where you may need cash (e.g. for gratuities or small purchases at informal markets), the US Dollar is almost always the preferred currency. We however always recommend purchasing some local currency on arrival.

Can I drink the local water?

All properties in our portfolio operate to the highest standards of health and hygiene, and you can safely enjoy all meals and drinks during the course of your safari.

As a precaution, we do recommend drinking bottled water when travelling between accommodations and also caution against drinking from raw water sources, such as streams, rivers, springs and dams.

Is an African safari safe?

Safaris are overall exceptionally safe, as long as you abide by some simple and common sense rules.

When on a guided safari, always follow the rules and instructions provided by the guide. Guides have years of hands-on experience and know how to handle potentially dangerous situations.

On a self-drive safari, stay in your car at all times and maintain a respectful distance. Always heed any rules and advice provided by game rangers.

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