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Zambia is a gentle and peaceful country that shelters extraordinary natural beauty.

It is one of the most pristine and unspoiled wildlife havens on the continent. Thanks in part to the country’s many waterways, the wilderness areas are abundant with diverse vegetation, wildlife and birds.

Spectacular Experiences

The wildness of the Victoria Falls, one of the greatest natural wonders on the planet, is an exceptional example of Zambia’s riches. The falls cascade 355 feet from a natural crevice in the earth and it is their thundering splendor that draws most travelers. Less frequented than Zimbabwe, many travelers prefer to see the falls from the Zambian side and some claim the views are even more spectacular.

With the offerings of microlight and helicopter flights over the majestic Victoria Falls, canoeing along the Zambezi River, fishing on the river, exploring the plains of Busanga in Kafue in a balloon safari or in a 4X4, horseback riding through the bush, Zambia attracts adventurous travellers that seek to experience Africa to the fullest.

“Stand in awe in the face of the Smoke that Thunders.” 
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