Kenya Resident Specials

For Kenyan residents we have designed unique guided itineraries that will enable you to discover the hidden gems of Kenya, off the beaten track, in the privacy and safety of your own car- away from the crowds, just nature…

This is your chance to test your sense of adventure, your off-road driving skills and discover all the fascinating landscapes, people and wildlife this country has to offer.

For those ready to explore on their own, but missing the right equipment, please check out for sales & rentals.

Away from the crowds, just nature

Shompole & Loita Hills

October 2020

5 days & 4 nights during which you will camp on the shores of the Ewaso Ngiro River, drive through the salty plains of Lake Natron & Lake Magadi, cross the Nguruman Escarpment to camp and discover the hidden forest of the Loita Hills.

Ewaso Ngiro tubing & canoeing

Water level permitting

3 days & 2 nights camping by the Ewaso Ngiro river in the Ol Karamatian conservancy with guided canoeing and/or tubing down the river. No hippos, no crocs; just fun in the river and monkeys on the shores.

North Kenya Expedition

October 2020

8 days & 7 nights to explore the beauty of the North of Kenya, making your way to Lake Turkana and the Chalbi Desert. This expedition is for off-road lovers and will bring you to some of the most remote parts of the country.

The Suguta Valley

November 2020

7 days & 6 nights for the most challenging expedition we have on offer. You will experience the silence and magic of a sand desert not often seen and discover magical crater lakes and fascinating rock formations such as Aruba rock and the Tan Cone.

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