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The Skeleton Coast Expedition

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A once in a lifetime adventure


An expedition of 12 days driving in your own fully kitted car through one of the most breathtaking parts of Namibia: the Skeleton Coast National Park.

With our private guidance throughout the journey, this is your chance to test your sense of adventure, your off-road driving skills and discover all the fascinating landscapes, people and wildlife this country has to offer.

The itinerary

Starting in Windhoek, this incredible 12-day itinerary will take you through the uncharted territories of North-West Namibia and back, giving you the unique opportunity to access the Skeleton Coast National Park which is strictly regulated to tourism due to its extremely fragile ecosystem.

The expedition takes place in wild areas, isolated from everything and difficult to access. Tracks and conditions can be trying for some people. It is an adventure trip where everything is possible, and which can only be considered by participants in good physical condition.

 Spirit of adventure essential!

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